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I'm a year-old software engineer

who uses Java, Python, HTML/CSS/JS, and others.

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Java is my language of choice for both desktop applications and for backend work. I've been using it for about 3 years, and I'd call myself proficient.

The Corruptor

TEMPO TimeKeeper


Python is a more efficient programming language that is used widely today. I've mostly dabbled with it on the side and about 6 months of using it on job projects. I'm still learning new things about it, but I'm intermediate overall.

The Corruptor (Program Testing)


Originally learned HTML to create a personal website in my free time. My first site was an incredibly awful website that was entirely HTML and a few inline styles. Literally looked like a site from the early 2000's. I've gotten just a bit better since then – I'm still learning design principles, but I'm semi-proficient at this stack.

Web Tester


Achievement Hunter

Other skills

I've also worked in Java, C++, C# (although since switching to Linux I haven't gotten much chance to use it), and a bit of Python.

Facial Recognition

Check out my GitHub and Resume.

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